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Values, Mission and Vision

Unique Shipping (H.K.) Ltd’s core values lead everything we do. Incorporating these core values in our daily work and making them as an integral part of our culture, is key to our group’s success.


  • Uncompromising and inseparable commitment to Quality, Safety, Security and Environment.

  • An open-minded relationship with our employees based on mutual trust, respect and success.

  • Transparency, Fairness, and Discipline in our Business.


  • To commit and manage group’s asset in accordance with the best professional standard.

  • To satisfy customers expectations and needs.

  • To treasure relationship established with business partners.

  • To deliver any project and task in time for the mutual benefit of our group and the counterparty.


  • Foster a long-term and trustworthy relationship with our business partners

  • Stand behind our values to provide a competitive business with the highest quality

  • Support social responsibility with our development in clean energy vessels


We are proud to present you here our entire fleet of 10 vessels in two classes.

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